Sloane Square Escorts

If you live in the Sloane Square area you will likely be aware of the term Sloane Rangers, if you are not then let me elaborate, a Sloane Ranger or Sloanie as they are otherwise known are young upper-class persons who generally live a lavish, luxury and fashionable lifestyle. In recent years however the Sloane Ranger has been heading for extinction due to new money from the likes of Oligarchs, wealthy bankers and overseas investors snapping up chunks of London and pushing the Sloanie out of the area into the suburbs. This transition has led to a massive reduction in the number of hot, young and fashionable women living in the area to help entertain the masses. The situation had become so very difficult for the new residence that they took it upon themselves to address the issue, after much research and discussion they contact Miss Satisfaction of London’s leading Escort Agency to come up with the ultimate replacement for the female Sloane Ranger, within weeks Miss Satisfaction had planned, prepared and brought together the finest replacement to the Sloanie, the Sloane Square Escort.

    Sloane Square Escort Services

    Sloane Square Escorts have made the perfect addition to the area with their lavishly beautiful good looks, elegance, grace, charm and intellect, making them the ideal friend, playmate, guest and part time companion for any event be it during the day, evening or weekend. If you are new to the area or just visiting we would highly recommend that you arrange yourself an appointment with one of our Sloane Square Escorts so that you too can experience the delights that only the likes of an Oligarch or Middle Eastern billionaire would normally be able to take advantage of. Take a look through our avid array of the finest Sloane Square Escort Services London has to offer from the selection above and when you are ready to make your booking either fill out the booking form which can be found in the menu at the top of the website or call us on 07527 700 600.