Notting Hill Escorts

Notting Hill Escorts is a British romantic movie set in the heart of Notting Hill, London. It portrays Will a divorced owner of an independent bookshop who shares his house with a rather eccentric Welshman. Working and living in London makes it difficult for Will to make enough money to splash out on endless dates, subsequently he views his life as a complete shambles, with no prospects of love on the horizon and a group of dear friends who are equally as unsuccessful as he. Frustrated with his prospects Will took to the internet and discovered a new world when searching for the best Notting Hill Escorts in London. The following afternoon, every man’s dream comes true for Will when one of the world's most beautiful women enters his shop. Will had discovered Satisfaction London’s Notting Hill Escort Service, and after having only spending minutes on the website his booking was made and his Escort arrived all in good time.

    INFO : NEW!!! Tall and Beautiful Teen, A+INCALL 1 HOUR : £150AGE : 19LOCATION : Notting Hill


Notting Hill Escort Services

After a few mishaps and lengthy conversations at Will’s Bookshop he invites what can arguably be the most attractive women in the world back to his nearby apartment. The Notting Hill Escort accepts Will’s offer where they eventually really get to know each other better. Against all the odds Will not only becomes good friends with his new found love but with the majority of her friends too! And not even one at a time, oh yes, Will has had more than his cake and eats it! Will has since introduced his friends to Satisfactions Notting Hill Escorts, even taking the girls out with friend’s to restaurants, theatres and the races, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the list of things Will wants to do with his new discovery.