Duo Escorts

As quoted by De La Soul and edited by Satisfaction London: 3, That's the magic number, Yes it is, It's the magic number, Somewhere in this Escort community, Was born 3 Client, Busty and Petite, And that's the magic number. What does it all mean? Well it means you are a one seriously lucky chappy or chappette, by simply booking one of our spankingly hot DUO Escort packages you will discover how 3 really is the magic number. Were you aware that after many a failed attempt in trying to convincing their partners into having a threesome, many men hit the bottle, not in the attempt to drown their sorrows, but in the attempt to impair their vision so that they were basically seeing double. Armed with this double vision drink aided method they would hit the bedroom for some virtual reality threesome sex with their partner and her imaginary twin sister. This as you could imagine has led to some very serious consequences and repercussions such as eyes being poked out and law suits.

Kat and Roxanne Duo Together

  • KAT
    INFO : NEW!!! Young and Very Pretty Brunette!INCALL 1 HOUR : £150AGE : 20LOCATION : Lancaster Gate


    INFO : NEW!!! Slim, Petite, A+ Teen, Recommended!INCALL 1 HOUR : £150AGE : 19LOCATION : Baker Street


Nadia and Luna Duo Together

    Suzanne and Allegra Duo Together

      Nella and Maggie Duo Together

      • NELLA
        INFO : All Services! Special High Class Recommendation!INCALL 1 HOUR : £200AGE : 24LOCATION : Knightsbridge


      Macy and Luna Duo Together

        Vicky and Rita Duo Together

        • RITA
          INFO : NEW!!! Mega Busty, All Natural Russian!INCALL 1 HOUR : £200AGE : 34LOCATION : Bayswater


        Sandra and Gemma Duo Together

          Diamondine and Jasmine Duo Together

            Paige and Diamondine Duo Together

              Shelly and Yana Duo Together

                Daria and Lea Duo Together

                  Daria and Tania Duo Together

                    Samira and Gemma Duo Together

                      Samira and Estella Duo Together

                      • ESTELLA
                        INFO : Slim, Petite and Cutie!INCALL 1 HOUR : £150AGE : 20LOCATION : Marylebone


                      Audrey and Roberta Duo Together

                        Celine and Ambra Duo Together

                          Celine and Marlene Duo Together

                            Karina and Roberta Duo Together

                              Shelly and Melania Duo Together

                                Anissa and Layla Duo Together

                                  Renata and Carmelita Duo Together

                                    Sandra and Crissy Duo Together

                                      Agnes and Alma Duo Together

                                        Agnes and Carmelita Duo Together

                                          Agnes and Gemma Duo Together

                                            Karina and Audrey Duo Together

                                              Brianna and Maggie Duo Together

                                                Eva and Crissy Duo Together

                                                • CRISSY
                                                  INFO : NEW!!! Tall and Sexy GFE!INCALL 1 HOUR : £150AGE : 23LOCATION : Bayswater


                                                Ambra and Marlene Duo Together

                                                  Bianca and Annuska Duo Together

                                                  • BIANCA
                                                    INFO : NEW!!! Slim, Friendly and Gorgeous!!!INCALL 1 HOUR : £150AGE : 24LOCATION : Bayswater


                                                  Duo Escort Services

                                                  Here at Satisfaction London our DUO Escorts would rather have their brains poked out by you in a suit, but either way they can help you to achieve threesome success, or to help you escape from the grasps of drunken double vision in return for quadrupedal the amount of fun instead, just as long as you are extremely careful as to where you point that thing! See De La Soul were right, 3 is the magic number. Book your date with your magic number by choosing from the unbelievably hot selection of DUO Escorts below and just imagine what you could get up to with any two of them, I mean come on dude have you checked out the butty on that booty and those melones on them chicas, hubba hubba.